Caylena started her professional career upon graduating the illustrious French Culinary Institute in SoHo, followed by a coveted internship for the Rose company at 583 Park Ave, training directly under the renowned Chef John Stevenson (currently executive Chef that Tavern on the Green), she was brought on full time as a line cook and took a specialty as Saucier, which moved her forward to another NYC landmark, Guastavino’s. The whimsical and continuous change of food and menu was exciting and exhilarating and mostly inspiration for the eventual Private Chef.    

While developing her culinary skills Caylena also built on her artistic side of all food related ventures; food styling under Janine Kalesis, Kristen Hess, Laurie Knopp, and even celebrity Chef Candice Kumai. While food styling many celebrity Chefs were involved, tv segments, commercials, and print ads. This also included working for motion pictures with catering and craft services.

Being offered a consultant job as well as Sous Chef position, Caylena helped redesign a menu, staff, and image to help convert a pub into a trendy “it” spot in Brooklyn. Continuing on to a more opulent opportunities, she’s worked as the Sous Chef for both Michelin nominated, prominent restaurants :  The Greek in Tribeca, and French Louie in Boerum Hill.  

Coming from California and having lived in the north, south, east, west, and even on the island of Oahu Hawaii… Caylena has a vast variety of experience with many different cultures and lifestyles, shown in her food. The dream is to eventually open a small bites / tasting menu sort of venue. In the meantime, she's just enjoying playing with her food one dish at a time.



Above Picture with my former dean and mentor Chef Jacques Pepin- 2013